Mikan Enikki 28

Slowly, but we’re getting to the finish!
Here you have it, the 28th Mikan Enikki episode is ready. I’m sorry for the huge delay (again), but life, work and other groups didn’t give me much time to finish this. In this episode, Tom’s mom goes to visit her mother who fell from the stairs, and the guys are all alone in the house for the weekend, and like guys… they can’t handle anything without wreaking havoc all over the place starting from cooking meals or doing laundry.

Anyway, enough with the talk, I hope that you will enjoy this one.


The XDCC is on #kiteseekers bots.

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Mikan Enikki 26-27

mikan27Two funny episodes released for Christmas!

Yeah, two episodes in a row this time, folks. It took me a bit longer to fix things and all, but finally you have them! In these stories Mikan’s secret will be discovered by the pesky Mrs. Yokota who will do anything to get a video when Mikan talks, and the second story will be about Mikan teaching his little mischievous son how to be a good cat.

So now we’re down do four episodes left, huh? Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! We’ll try to release the remaining eps ASAP.


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Mikan 23-25 released!

You can take Mikan’s offer, or… you can take not one, not two, but THREE episodes of Mikan Enikki. Yeah, that’s right, we have only six episodes left till the end of the series! In these three stories;
-Tom’s parents will have a quarrel and Mikan will suspect the worse case scenario
-Tom’s mom and Yayoi will start dieting
-Mikan will be a papa! :3


The direct download will be as always on #kiteseekers Wanyudo bot.

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Everyone, I’m SOOOO sorry for not posting for months. Work, life and other things were a pain lately, but I have great news! Soon there will be more Mikan, and by soon I mean SOON! I’ve got eps 23-25 after the translation check and now I only need to find some free time to add the karaoke, encode and qc it, which I will be doing starting this Monday. ^^

Look forward to it!

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Mikan 22

mikan22Yeah, I’m back, but unfortunately, only with one 22nd episode of Mikan Enikki. I hope that you guys will enjoy it. This episode is the direct continuation to the previous one which was left with a cliffhanger.^^’


XDCC will be later on #kiteseekers Wasu|Kite bot.

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Gekijouban Mahou Tsukai Sally


Here it is, everyone. As I promised long time ago. I was really hoping to find a better quality raw, but this DivX one was the only available and since filtering wouldn’t do the image any better, I’ve decided to release this as a 100% softsub. If you want, you can translate it to your own language, but credit us if you will be using it. Only the opening has the karaoke fx, since Doom was only around to do that long time ago. The two insert songs aren’t translated, since one is really hard to hear, and we couldn’t find the lyrics to the second one. But I really hope that you will enjoy this short magical girl movie.

The movie will be available later on Wanyudo bot over at #wasurenai channel on the Rizon network.

Side note: This movie premiered in the Japanese cinemas together with “Akuma-kun: Youkoso Akuma Land e!!” and “Dragon Ball Z: Kono Yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu”. The viewers could watch all three movies for a price of one ticket.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the triple feature poster (the best quality I could find). Enjoy:


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XDCC bot

Hi, guys. I’m still alive and sorry for not replying for so long. It’s just that I was too much busy with my real life and with other fansubs, but don’t worry, I will finish Mikan and Sally the movie.

Also, there are some great news. Thanks to my friends over at #wasurenai, all Mikan episodes are available via XDCC bot. You can find them on the bot named Wanyudo. All packlists are here. So please, join us on rizon.

Edit: The episodes are also available on the Wasu|Kite bot.


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